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The results have been widely admired, but also widely debated.

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By the time of his bar mitzvah, he was hardly a prodigy. And there he had a notion. Courtesy of W. That went on for a little while, but as it turns out, there are a lot of words that begin with aleph. Alter traveled to the Bronx every day for track practice, and the bus was a perfect place to study. Hebrew-language study became central to his Jewish identity, but for most of his professional academic career he was firmly ensconced in the world of English and other Western literature. In he earned a doctorate in English literature at Harvard. In he came to UC Berkeley, where he has been ever since, currently as a professor of Hebrew and comparative literature.

And then came the Bible. Historical facts, archaeology — they pick up a couple of ancient languages, Akkadian and Egyptian. But one thing that is never studied is style.

English Literatures: Bible as Literature

It had struck a nerve. At the time it was revolutionary. He looked at the Bible not as sacred, not as historical, but as artistic. The book was recognized immediately as a gem, hailed by critics and colleagues as revolutionary.

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In terms of academic volumes, it was a sales sensation. It has been in print more or less continuously since it was published. One book about the literary style of the Bible is a far cry from a handsome three-volume translation of the whole thing. In fact, the project was more or less an accident. Genesis, perhaps. The cover art on each volume of the set is from a series of tapestries featuring abstracted Hebrew letters by Israeli artist Mordecai Aron.

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His translations are read by a broad range of audiences, Jewish, Christian and otherwise — academics and their students, readers of literature, devotees of the Good Book. The final product is a boxed set — beautiful and colorful, with artwork adapted from a series of 10 tapestries designed in the late s by the Israeli artist Mordecai Ardon.

And what is there to do as a translator? A History of the English Bible as Literature revised and condensed from the author's acclaimed History of the Bible as Literature CUP, explores five hundred years of religious and literary ideas. At its heart is the story of how the King James Bible went from being mocked as English writing to being "unsurpassed in the entire range of literature.

Accessible and recommended for undergraduate and graduate collections that do not own the two-volume edition. Norton's volume is filled on every page with the true scholar's eye for detail and understanding of the whole field Norton's fine book does a good deal to begin to restore the Bible to its proper place in English language cultural history.

Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New. Revised ed. Language: English. Brand new Book. Revised and condensed from David Norton's acclaimed A History of the Bible as Literature, this book, first published in , tells the story of English literary attitudes to the Bible. At first jeered at and mocked as English writing, then denigrated as having 'all the disadvantages of an old prose translation', the King James Bible somehow became 'unsurpassed in the entire range of literature'.

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How so startling a change happened and how it affected the making of modern translations such as the Revised Version and the New English Bible is at the heart of this exploration of a vast range of religious, literary and cultural ideas. Translators, writers such as Donne, Milton, Bunyan and the Romantics, reactionary Bishops and radical students all help to show the changes in religious ideas and in standards of language and literature that created our sense of the most important book in English.

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Writing the History of the English Bible: A Review of Recent Scholarship

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