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Before you can treat your Boxer's entropion, you need to treat any eye damage. Your Boxer's eye may be swollen, infected, scratched, or damaged in some way from the hairs and fur of the eyelid.

To treat these things, your vet will give you a combination of eye, pain, and inflammation medication to treat the issues on your Boxer's eye. In rare cases, preliminary surgery to correct severe damage may be needed before you can treat the entropion. The exact medication and doses will vary depending on the exact extent of the damage to your Boxer's eye. Talk to your vet about what is needed for your Boxer's particular case. Treat underlying eye conditions.

In some cases, your Boxer's entropion may be caused by a secondary eye condition. These conditions may include certain eye diseases, a history of trauma to the eye, or chronic or acute eye inflammation. If your vet diagnoses an underlying condition that caused the entropion, you need to have these conditions treated before you can treat the entropion. In many cases, treating these underlying conditions will make your Boxer's entropion go away.

In this is the case with your Boxer, they will not need any additional treatment.

Prolapse of the Eye in Dogs - Dog Owners - Merck Veterinary Manual

If the entropion does not clear up despite fixing these conditions, your Boxer may still need surgery for the entropion. The types of treatment you Boxer may need to treat the underlying conditions will vary depending on what these conditions are. Tack your puppy Boxer's eyes.

If your Boxer is a puppy, your vet will not clear them for surgery until he is older. The vet can't fully assess the dog for corrective surgery until he's finished growing, so the vet performs this temporary and less invasive procedure as a temporary fix. During this procedure, your Boxer's eyelids are tacked with temporary sutures.


This will help shift the shape of your Boxer's eyelid so it no longer scratches at his eye. Get follow up tacking treatment. After the original tacking of your Boxer puppy's eyelid, he may need to have follow up tacking treatments. These will be done if your Boxer's eyelid is not pulled back enough to eliminate the entropion. These treatments will continue until your Boxer's problem is fixed or until he is old enough to have surgery.

Dog Eye Problems

Even if the entropion is not getting better with tacking, your vet will continue it until your Boxer is old enough to get surgery. Method 3. Schedule surgery for your Boxer. The only way to treat entropion is surgery to repair the lid abnormality. You will have to work with your vet to figure out when the best time is for your Boxer to have the surgery.

Treatment of eye ulcers Therapy can be very challenging because of the underlying abnormality of the corneal tissue that will delay normal healing. Effective treatments may require a variety of measures. A number of treatments have been used for these ulcers.

Routine antibiotic and atropine treatments are often not effective. More aggressive treatment recommendations have included:. Corneal debriement is a frequently used treatment. However even more aggressive treatment may be needed in Boxer keratitis. Treatment may require contact lenses or collagen patch bandages to protect the cornea.

Prognosis of eye ulcers Because affected dogs are often affected by an underlying defect of the cornea, recurrance is a possibility. While there is no proven genetic basis, breed predilections suggest that there may be genetic influences. It is likely that there is a genetic predisposition to this defect in Boxers. It is suggested that one action may slow down the process: Antioxidant supplements for retinal health — there are some good signs that this type of supplement for dogs may slow down the disease. If your Boxer is having eye issues, you may want to speak to your vet about this.

Typically, these are a blend of a large array of antioxidants, up to 10 or The Boxer dog should have regular eye exams, even after losing all sight.

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While this disease does not cause pain; PDA cataracts can develop and those can be very painful. It is amazing just how well a Boxer copes with this eye disease. Because the blindness occurs very slowly, over a large span of time, the dog usually does not suffer from the shock of not being able to see. A Boxer will have time to slowly adjust to lessened sight.

The dog is not in pain. A dog can still go for walks, play with you, and be a wonderful companion.

Cherry Eye In Dogs: Natural Home Remedies

In case your dog ever becomes lost, it is suggested to have a medical alert tag on your dog that relays that he or she is blind. When you have a breed like the Boxer with very big, prominent eyes, you'll want to take a few preventative steps to help keep the eyes from suffering scratches and irritations. Do not allow your Boxer to sniff under bushes or into any sort of thick landscaping. Do not allow your Boxer to fully stick his head out of the car window. If you have a cat and she tends to swat at your Boxer, consider cat nail tips, which are plastic nail coverings that will at least prevent deep, harmful scratches.

If your Boxer appears to have something in his eye, use a canine saline rinse to flush it out. If this is allowed to build up and crust up, it can cause eye irritation.

enter site In addition, eating and drinking throughout the day can cause the hairs around the eyes to become wet. If those hair remain damp, yeast infection can set in.

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On dogs with light coats, this is often referred to as tear stains; however, this can happen to any breed of any color. You will want to have a good supply of canine grooming wipes on hand; choose a quality brand like Earthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes that are hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. Each day, preferably after each meal, but at least once per day, wipe down your Boxer's face, paying particular attention to the eyes. Swipe under each eye, and then start in the inner eye and wipe up and around the upper lid and brow. Daily maintenance of the eyes is just good hygiene; after a week or so it will become second nature.

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