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As this new translation and expansion of a seminal work by the French semiotician and philosopher demonstrates, Barthes Mourning Diary, , etc. Roland Barthes. For Barthes, words and objects have in common the organized capacity to say something; at the same time, since they are signs, words and objects have the bad faith always to appear natural to their consumer, as if what they say is eternal, true, necessary, instead of arbitrary, made, contingent. Mythologies finds Barthes revealing the fashioned systems of ideas that make it possible, for example, for 'Einstein's brain' to stand for, be the myth of, 'a genius so lacking in magic that one speaks about his thought as a functional labor analogous to the mechanical making of sausages. SaidThe distinguished literary critic and leading exponent of semiology, the science of signs and symbols, seeks to create a mythology of daily life. Dr Anna Stevens. This unit examines mythic patterns and their relation to ritual enactments in ancient times and across a variety of cultures including Indigenous Australia, the ancient Near East, Greece and Rome.

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  5. We explore creation stories, tales of kings and heroes and rites surrounding birth, marriage, and death. We access these myths primarily through ancient texts but also incorporate insights from archaeology and art history.


    In addition, students will examine genres of ancient story-telling such as oral traditions, epic, and drama and will be introduced to the theoretical tools associated with the study of ancient mythology and religion. Minimum total expected workload to achieve the learning outcomes for this unit is hours per semester typically comprising a mixture of scheduled learning activities and independent study.

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