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Sensitive personal information biometric, ethnicity, sex life, trade union membership, state of health, for example can only be opened by a government agency if the subject wilfully consents to its usage. By expanding the concept of consent, Estonian citizens are protected against their personal information being processed without permission. It also lets citizens flexibly choose which e-service fits their needs most.

E-commerce Data Protection

To access e-services, an Estonian citizen uses their government issued ID card with a microchip containing encrypted personal information. After this is completed, the citizen can choose from hundreds of e-services through the state online portal Eesti.

Furthermore, the data subject will be granted access to data concerning them and the data subject has the right to demand the correction of inaccurate or misleading data. Under these seven principles, data processors are legally obligated to follow proportionality; the means used to collect and process data have to be in proportion to the end objective. If a citizen submits personal financial data for tax declaration, that information can only be processed by the Estonian Tax and Custom Board and only used for that specific purpose.

Additionally, every data processor is aware of the fact that a citizen from a home computer or mobile phone can observe if there was unlawful access to their personal information.

Sherwin Williams - Privacy Policy

By logging in with e-ID or m-ID, an Estonian citizen can see who is accessing their personal information and what kind of personal information is being accessed. They can even prohibit third parties from using their data for consumer habit research and direct marketing. Ultimately, it is the citizen who controls their information; not the government institution sponsoring the e-service. Therefore, the relationship between processor-citizen or government agency to citizen has built-in transparency, and when there is transparency, there is a greater amount of trust in the system.

But as always, the success of legislation is contingent upon how well it is enforced. In case of transfers to a country outside the European Union, rules have been put in place to ensure the protection and security of the data. These personal data may be communicated, at the request of the data subjects, to official bodies and to authorized administrative or judicial authorities, or to third parties.

In this case, the data subjects are invited to contact the third parties concerned to obtain information on the conditions under which their data will be processed. All personal data are confidential.

Training Services

Thanks to technical devices implemented in the electronic system, access to personal data is limited to authorized persons only, on a need-to-know basis, for performing their tasks. What about professional secrecy? What about special processing?

Reform of the e-Privacy Directive [Policy Podcast]

As part of their security measures, Les Hotels Baverez use video surveillance systems in some of their premises in accordance with applicable regulations. Data subjects are informed that these images are recorded and stored and that they may lead to the identification of the filmed persons either by the systems implemented or by the authorized persons having access to the images.

Signs in the filmed areas inform the data subjects about the existence of this type of device, the person in charge, and the procedures for exercising their right of access to the visual recordings concerning them. I agree to the use of my last name, first name, and e-mail address by the Baverez Hotels and its affiliates to send me newsletters about their activities. Mandatory information is marked with an asterisk. It was a regulation issued by the EU but our Parliament incorporated it into our law when the Data Protection Act was passed so Brexit will not change anything.

It applies to the large multinationals and to small local businesses. GDPR is widely misunderstood. This is almost certainly because it was drafted using inexact provisions and broadly drawn legal principles.

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There are certainly many principles of data protection law contained in GDPR with which we are familiar but there are also new principles that need to be understood and applied to our business. Having an understanding will help a business owner to better understand the risks involved and what compliance needs to look like. This is where we at Four Oaks Legal can help the business owner to make better decisions. It is important that businesses should have trust and confidence in their legal adviser. Four Oaks Legal is committed to helping businesses understand which aspects of E-Commerce law and Data Protection law apply to their business model and what the commercial risks may be.

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