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Her more spe- cific objectiveis to capturethe Tokugawageographicconsciousnessor spa- tial sensibilitiesas they are representedin maps as well as texts, especially travelaccounts,both realand imaginary. Yonemotoaims to show how writ- ers, mapmakers,and artists helped shape the Japanesemapping of place and its relationshipwith identity and culture. Early Japanesemaps were patterned after Chinese cadastral maps. Then, in the late sixteenth century,missionariesintroducedWestern-style maps.

The mapmakingthatbecamea common governmentpracticebegin- ning in the earlyTokugawaperiod combined characteristicsof both styles. When the official maps were commerciallyreproduced,they underwent continual and numerous innovations.

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A thriving printing and publishing industrymade them plentifulby the earlyeighteenthcentury. But this con- ventionalcartographicenterpriseis only the startingpoint for Yonemoto's book. Her emphasisis on the travelnarrativesthat translatedmappinginto a literaryand imaginativeprocess- or a "geosophy," as she wishes to call it. The initialliterarytravelerswere governmentofficials. Then, duringthe Tokugawaperiod,in additionto samurai,daimyothemselvestraveledregu- larlyas the Shogunaterequiredthem to divide their time equallybetween theirhome domainsand Edo Tokyo ,the capital. Some of these high-rank- ing travelerskeptdiaries.

Later,as theywerejoinedby lesselitetravelers,travel writingsbecamemore diversified. In these writings,Yonemotodiscernstwo modes of mapping. The first,from the mid-seventeenthcenturyto the early eighteenth,was an annotativemode thatsoughta spatialorderin the human and naturalworldand emphasizeddirectobservation. The second,from the mid-eighteenthcentury through the early nineteenth,was an embellished.

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LONG Dr. It chartsnot only the emergenceand developmentof forms of nat- This content downloaded from Needham believed that a more thorough understanding of non- This content downloaded from By MarciaYonemoto. Berkeley:Universityof CaliforniaPress, The second,from the mid-eighteenthcentury through the early nineteenth,was an embellished This content downloaded from Robin Meredith-Kramer. Enrique Gomez. Maurits-Kirstin VBDonker. Ralph McTinklestein.

Mariana Barbieri Mantoanelli. Dana Elena Bratu.

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Jesse Reichelt. Clara Ines Rozo. Yassin Khan.


Nilamdeen Mohamed Zamil. Rowley, Note on the Septuagint Text of 1 Sam. XV 22A. Kai Weng Pun. Nd the Urban-Rural Divide in Education. D Evan Wilson. Mais de Atul Mishra. Atul Mishra. Populares em History.

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