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In G. L Gnomme a cultural evolutionist noted in relation to the narratives used in traditional culture and in particular the distinction between myth, legend and folktale, that. Carefull attention to what has already been said will reveal the fact that tradition contians three seprate classes…..

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All these terms -myth, folktale, and legend- are now used indiscriminatley with no particular definiteness. The possession of three distinct terms forms an asset which should be put to its full use, and this cannot be done until we agree upon a definite meaning for each. Their is a usefull diffrence to be made between myth and legend for the purpose of analysis and these are legends, I would refer to them specificaly as foundation legends. I think precise use of terms is important here. Particularly with the way in which fairy stories or folktales which are fictional narratives told for entertainment are with out fail confused with other forms of narrative on science blogs.

Things have not moved on in this case either. This sounds an interesting debate, and not one with which I am familiar. Can you, succinctly, explain the difference as you see it between the two?

I leave aside fairy or folk tales as something clearly rather different. They are the standard genre terms used in Folklore studies. There is a considerable amount of overlap between all three terms. Basicaly myth refers in most cases to sacred material from a very remote period of the past. Legend refers to a much more recent time period and is more secular in tone. Its been a topic of disscusion in folklore for years but limited to that subject.

The distinctions are usefull I think particularly for wider comparative research. I wondered in youre somewhat interesting previous post on popular accounts of astronomy if their was a possible genre overlap between legend and folktale at work in the discriptions. No evidence to suggest it is the case but I would not find it surprising to see such motifs appear in folktale, given the age and entertaining nature of the discriptions. Pingback: Three in one, and all alone Whewell's Ghost. Is this image of Newton copyrighted? I would like to use it as the cover of my CD. Thanks — Fred. In the US it would be considered out of copyright, but in the UK there is copyright attached to the photograph, which was probably taken by the Museum.

It would be safest to contact them directly…. The Renaissance Mathematicus. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Whewell's Ghost. Skip to content. Home About Contact. The Two Cultures? Posted on November 21, by Rebekah Higgitt.

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Like this: Like Loading Her research and publications have mainly focused on scientific institutions, scientific biography, history of science and the relationship between science, government and the public in 19th-century Britain. Bookmark the permalink.

November 22, at am. Rebekah Higgitt says:. Beto Pimentel says:. Kochiras , The Mechanical Philosophy and Newton??? Kochiras , Gravity??? Leibniz, F.

Wilhelm, and. Von , Philosophical Essays , Medieval and Early Modern Science, 3 , Refractionibus, L. Lucis, and. Tres , Latine reddidit Samuel Clarke, A.

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Londini: Inpensis Sam , p. Newton , De mundi systemate Liber Isaaci Newtoni , Newton , Correspondence of Sir Isaac Newton and Professor Cotes, including letters of other eminent men, now first published from the originals in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, together with an Appendix containing other unpublished letters and papers by Newton.

With notes, synoptical view of the philosopher's life, and a variety of details illustrative of his history. Glasgow , Publisher to the University , Newton and O. Newton , Unpublished Scientific Papers , Newton and. Newton and I. I , Gary B. Shea "In this outstanding book Dobbs has raised the understanding of Newton to a new level of sophistication. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the intellectual development of early modern history.

The fruit of long and patient research, it offers a full account of Newton's varied intellectual interests and of the unity that links and shapes the diverse expressions of his quest for truth. Professor Dobbs builds skillfully upon the firm foundations of contemporary scholarship to forge a masterly account of Newton's vision, and to examine the cultural and individual imperatives that impelled his search for an ultimate understanding of the way things are.

Dobb's study can be read with profit by specialist and nonspecialist alike. McGuire, American Journal of Physics "Dobbs's achievement is to make the unity of Newton's many different studies, when viewed within the integrating framework of alchemy, not only evident but obvious; I know of no more thorough or learned treatment of her subject. List of illustrations; Acknowledgments; 1.

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Isaac Newton, philosopher by fire; 2. Vegetability and providence; 3. Cosmology and history; 4.

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