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Whether you are a sponge, a fish or a human, your life cycle can, in general, be described by two things — how fast you live and how your reproduction and chance of dying is spread out across your lifespan. Despite these animals having very different ways of maintaining their populations, they faced similar levels of threat.

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Home News Scientists map huge variety of animal life cycles. In addition, I would think he was highly competitive, though he rarely showed his competitiveness. From his viewpoint I was perhaps one of his competitors who must be humiliated, in spite of the fact that I was not working in his field. Here I may have written more than is necessary, but my concluding point is: He did so, even though I did nothing to him.

The book contains quite a few other unpleasant characterizations of other people, together with assurances that everyone else shared his view of the person in question. I know for a fact that in at least one case this is untrue:. A well known math-physicist Eugene Wigner was in our department, and so I occasionally talked with him.

He was pompous and took himself very seriously. That is the impression shared by all those who talked with him. Wigner was still around when I was a student at Princeton and often came to tea. My impression of him was not at all that which Shimura claims to have been universal. Last Updated on February 1, A book like this is not unprecedented.

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Those include at least one for Zeldovich, who had been supportive of him most of the time and was considered by AS as a friend. This also serves as a release, or else one would have to bring those thoughts and feelings alone to the grave. In the revised version of his memoir, Sakharov mentioned that he and Zeldovich eventually reconciled.

Is there any reason to doubt the general picture portrayed by Shimura of a not always pleasant sociology. I would tend to take him at his word with an appropriate grain of salt. Surely there are at least others in that circle who could confirm the existence of this kind of negative atmosphere. I know nothing of this group, but I have seen and experienced negative things in my own circles, and I am acutely aware of how much people resent being informed of it. Grothendieck was a very great man, but when he wrote R et S, he was too angry to see that others may have perfectly valid explanations for their actions.

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In any case, the people that he attacked were all still around and active when R et S was distributed. The currency of renown among mathematicians is theorems, not conjectures…. If the text above is true, then it is a bit sad that excellence in mental achievements does not imply growth of other aspects of personality. People may not like hearing such things, but if they know nothing of the people involved they should just remain agnostic on the issue. I object to people automatically rejecting his claims, just because they are negative.

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I have personal experience of being severely mistreated by someone who is viewed positively by many people and who has received awards and recognition for being something completely different to what I am describing. And yet I just have to keep my mouth shut about it, because of the backlash that there is to such negative claims. The academe in previous decades was not nearly as open-minded as it is today. I am sure as a foreign Japanese scholar working in the US back then, he must have felt at least some form of subtle prejudice or discrimination.

From the excerpts and letter to the AMS, it appears that Shimura has felt that his ideas were often ignored or belittled and would like proper credit for his work. I mentioned discrimination because it was well known at the time.

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He describes another, more ugly, notion of the times; nationality prejudices in academia. Many notable professors from Europe and the Far East were allowed to visit American universities, but not many were granted tenure. This bias was expressed at Princeton in several notable instances. The geometer Kunihiko Kodaira, from Japan, was appointed to a six-year term but was not awarded tenure.

Over the years, Shimura has increasingly isolated himself from other mathematicians. Mathematicians are not outside of the current universe under this aspect. Having been a mathematicinas in a former life, I was hurt by the buzz that a very obvious fundamental theorem I was using to base on a new method of theorem proving was wrong. No luck for my detractors, it was a well known theorem proven by Shannon.

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