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To help you master those verbs effortlessly, I'll introduce you to my super-simple conjugation system that uses only three tenses present, easy past, and easy future. Today we'll start zeroing in on the medical Spanish you need to know. After that, we'll peek inside the body, and talk about internal organs. And finally, we'll delve into the Spanish vocabulary for common medical conditions.

It's time to visit the doctor's office, where you'll learn lots of words for making patients feel welcome. In addition, we'll talk about Spanish words for hours of the day, days of the week and months of the year—all handy things to know if you're making appointments for patients! In an emergency, every second counts—and today's vocabulary words can help you respond quickly in medical crises involving Spanish-speaking patients. In addition, you'll learn words for describing medical tests, treatments, and procedures, so you can inform and reassure patients receiving care in the emergency room.

And finally, we'll look at terms you can use to talk with patients and their families about medications.

Most patients have routine symptoms and ailments, and in this lesson we'll add more words to your vocabulary for discussing these common medical problems. In addition, we'll look at words for instructing patients during a medical exam—and we'll end off by expanding your toolkit of Spanish words with some new adjectives.

Today we'll visit the patient care floors and learn words for everything from bedpans to pillows to call buttons. You'll also discover lots of new words for talking about time, and you'll find out how to explain visiting hours to your Spanish-speaking patients.

Finally, we'll explore words for feelings—something that will help you soothe patients when they're sad and celebrate with them when they're happy. Patients are constantly coming and going—and that means it's a good idea to know Spanish words for admitting and discharging them! Today you'll learn a new set of verbs that will help you talk with patients when they're arriving or leaving.

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In addition, we'll look at words for talking about insurance and payments. This lesson starts with a look at the youngest patients who visit a doctor's office or hospital: the ones who aren't even born yet.

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After we talk about pregnancy, labor, and delivery, we'll move on to pediatrics and explore words for making your young patients and their parents feel informed and comfortable. As a bonus, we'll talk about words that'll get you out of a bind if you don't understand what a Spanish-speaking patient is saying. Today we'll finish our journey through the ages and stages of life by talking about adult patients. In addition, we'll look at Spanish words for all those diets your patients love so much: low-salt, low-fat, low-cholesterol, and more!

And finally, you'll discover the little word "hay" and find out why it packs a powerful punch. Skip to main content. Overview What You Will Learn. Online Spanish for Medical Professionals.

Beginning Spanish for Medical Professional- Nurses

What You Will Learn. Lesson 03 - Colors, Directional Words, and Numbers from 20 to In this lesson, you'll power up your Spanish vocabulary by learning the words for colors and directions. Activities that will give the learner practice with the everyday needs of Latino patients. During the first week the participants will have classes during the afternoon hours and will have the opportunity to participate in different excursions in the mornings.

Also, they can participate in a Latin dance class and a cooking class, which will focus on local dishes. Some visits are scheduled during this first week.

(Online) Spanish for Medical Professionals

Spanish classes will be in the afternoon in order for the participants to work in the hospital or clinics during the mornings. Also, there will be a work in the field arranged in an area nearby the school. The students, either individually or in pairs, will assist in the daily consultations of the doctors and medical staff in the hospital or clinics. They will be able to practice their Spanish while interacting with patients.

The doctor in charge will make the decision as to what the full extent of the involvement with the patient will be. This will consist of a visit to a nearby school.

Working Spanish for Medical Professionals

Each student must be able to explain, in Spanish, the results of this examination to the group. Do not hesitate in contacting us for more detailed information or to start planning your trip. The cost of airfare and any tour or excursion such as jungle tour, etc. Sign Up Now! Program Objective. Program Goals. To improve language skills levels may range from low beginning through high advanced. To enhance cultural awareness by offering lectures about the Latin culture. To give the opportunity to live with host families, which enhances cultural understanding and language acquisition.

Spanish for medical professionals in Cuernavaca, Mexico

To provide information about the health care system in Central America. To provide the opportunity to experience the health care system in Costa Rica by scheduling visits to local hospital or clinics.

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To give the opportunity to practice Spanish by participating in field trips and excursions. Not included, but available:.

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